Conditions of Team Usage

It is clearly understood that WoF Teams are providing support to the user who requested the team and that neither MAFPA nor Working on Fire or their agents, employees, partners, representatives or associates can be held responsible for direct or indirect losses or damages caused by making use of Working on Fire Teams.

Assistance with Burning of Fire Belts/Breaks

Teams can support and assist Landowners who wishes to make fire belts/breaks, but it is clearly understood that any controlled burning operation is done at the risk of the person or entity that is undertaking them. The client will be responsible to ensure that the applicable conditions stipulated in Section 12 of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act is adhered to and that an agent or representative is present during the burning operation. Failure to have an agent or representative present during any burning operation will not constitute fault on the part of MAFPA or Working on Fire and any consequences resulting from this failure will be the sole responsibility of the person or entity that requested the assistance of the team. No team will be dispatched to support controlled burning operations without a valid burn permit issued by MAFPA. Burn permit applications can be completed online at

Team Utilization Costs

All variable costs are payable by the user. If the user is not a MAFPA member in good standing, then an additional charge of R500.00 per day per team is payable. Users will remain liable for all variable costs after a team has been dispatched whether the team was utilised or not.

Variable Costs:

  • Equipment hire R 75.00 per unit per day (Brush-cutters, Chainsaws & Blowers)
  • Fuel as is used plus 0.75 cents per litre for oils and lubricants.
  • Team transport costs to and from the base are vehicle related:
  • Use of more than two (2) brush cutter, chainsaw or herbicide operators incurs an additional surcharge of R20.00 per operator per day.
  • Vehicle cost per km for Strike Units, designation SU is R 16,25 per km travelled
  • Vehicle cost per km for fire Truck designation FT is R 17,35 per km travelled.